Cisco Release new Firmware for the RV1080/RV180W

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    Issues Resolved Since Cisco RV180 and RV180W Firmware Version

    Identifier Summary
    • CSCtq52971 The DHCP server is taking more than 2 minutes to assign IP
    • addresses when the router is configured in non-routing mode.
    • CSCub26469 Port forwarding does not work.
    • CSCub79857 DHCP goes out after a period of time.
    • CSCuc17184 A gateway-to-gateway VPN connection makes access to the router very slow or inaccessible.
    Known Issues in Firmware Version

    Identifier Summary
    • CSCud98614 Description—Access rules are unable to filter traffic for one-to-one NAT hosts. Workaround—None.
    • CSCud27577 Description—Multiple access rules may not work properly. Workaround—Single access rule is not affected. Multiple rules may work if you reorder them with Always Allowed on the top of the list.
    • CSCuc72086 Description—Port forwarding in regards to port range does not work. Workaround—Use a single port instead of a port range.
    • CSCuc55834 Description—Selected smart phones have an interoperability issue where either the PIN or PBC method will not work for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Workaround—If one method does not work, try the other method or revert back to the conventional Wi-Fi setting.
    • CSCuc53638 Description—After assigning the VLAN to a port, the router doesn't give out an IP address to devices from the port. Workaround—Reboot the router.
    • CSCue49377 Description—NAT translates the source IP for inbound traffic. Workaround—When Port Forwarding/1:1 NAT is configured, traffic destined to the inside server from the outside client goes through NAT to the inside interface IP of the RV180. The user does not see any public IP address on the inside server.
    • CSCtr24497 Description—Traffic does not follow the bandwidth limit when the traffic selector is set to VLAN, DSCP or SSID. Workaround—Use an IP range instead. To edit a profile binding rule, go to the QoS > Profile Binding page, find the rule in the table, and then click Edit. On the Add / Edit Profile Binding Configuration page, Traffic Selector Match Type field, select IP Address Range, and then enter the starting and ending addresses.
    • CSCtt41705 Description—On the Status > Port Statistics page, the statistics in the Packets column are not updating to show the current number of transmitted and received packets. Workaround—None.
    • CSCtq78773 Description—Enabling or disabling multiple SSIDs at once is taking longer than 1 minute. Workaround—None.
    Firmware for any of the SMB Routers from Cisco is available from here: SMB Router Downloads
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