Cisco Release new firmware for WIP310

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Toxic, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The following problems were fixed:

    • WIP310 registration issue. The WIP310 no longer sends registration request.
    • The SIP T1 timer needs to be set to 2 seconds and the Retry Reg RSC in the SIP tab needs to be set to 401.
    • If the day light saving rule is not correct, the WIP310 hangs.
    • Shared call appearance fails with Broadsoft R15.
    • Cannot disable factory reset by setting protect ivr factory reset to yes.
    • User-downloaded ringtones do not work.
    • Time offset fails.
    • Ringtone inconsistence when the headset is connected.
    • Ringing is also routed to the headset.
    • WIP310 fails to register to the trixbox

    Firmware is available here:!n

    Release notes:
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