Cisco VPN Client kills network access using WRT54GX4 and WUSB54GX4

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by gbodi, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. gbodi

    gbodi Guest

    Synopsis : VPN client dies and also kills my computer connection to the network. I just started using the WUSB54GX4 so guessing something is happening via this.

    I have used the WRT54GX4 and WUSB54GX4 for several days and am very pleased with the speed. I am getting 240mps which is crazy if that is accurate. Anyway browsing the internet or playing WOW I have no issues and the configuration has no flaws. But the minute I run my Cisco VPN client and then remote desktop to my work machine it will die after a few minutes and also actually kill my network connection all together. The only way I can get it back up is to restart my machine.

    I would hate to hear that I cannot use this setup since it is lightning fast but I need to have uninterrupted email access via remote desktop so not sure what is going on.

    my thoughts are to try and upgrade the firmware on the router (any recommendations?) and maybe the driver for the usb adapter but I would really appreciate some recommendations..


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