CIT200 System menu has a dangerous option -> delete HS

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by texastwo, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. texastwo

    texastwo Guest

    Hello CIT200 users

    I was having problems registering the handset with the base when I take the base off of one PC and put it on another pc.

    I logged out of Skype before transfering the base and before logging into skype on the other pc.

    The system menu has the following items:
    search base
    change pin
    delete HS

    Under delete HS, there are four handsets handset 1, handset 2, etc

    If you delete handset 1, you will break the phone
    there is no way to recover..this is an extremely dangerous option

    the following does not restore the original settings:
    # changing USB ports that the base station hooks up to
    # pressing the page button down for ten seconds
    # pressing page button down for ten seconds then press 2nd black button over end call button
    # taking batteries out of phone for 2 minutes
    # deleting cit200 driver and software, reboot, reinstall software

    NOTHING works!!

    There is no word in the documentation about this problem.
    This option should not exist if:
    1) one can not restore or reset to original firmware settings for the system menu
    2) can not reinstall through DC or firmware reload

    Your phone will be disabled as a result of this and will be left in unregistered state.

    Trying to register the phone will result in the following:
    asks for pin number, 0000 (the default, I never changed it), then it searches for base;;;20 seconds later, 10 seconds after LCD display goes dark, it comes back with FAILED

    changing pin: unavailable
    reset: unavailable
    delete hs: unavailable, no handsets show up, when four handsets were there before I deleted handset #1
    search base: blank screen

    pressing page button on base unit does not talk with phone

    I was able to use this phone a few times untill I tried to change PCs..the base unit asnd phone were not able to re-register

    BUT now after deleting handset 1, it is totally broke and there is no way to install this.


    This is a very serious problem of this phone and will affect all owners
  2. yoper

    yoper Guest


    Same problem here!!!

    do you have the solution?


    SONSTONE Guest

    cit200 base and handset not registering

    ok..i have an interesting case here...similar to these above. thought i'd give my contributions...

    i have 2 cit200 units. one is working perfectly 3.7.0 linksys with skype.

    my second base and handset will not register...tried 3.4.4, 3.7.0 and 3.8.x linksys with no success.

    just get the failed message on register.

    i AM able to register the 2nd handset in my first working environment. the handset works perfect.

    i delete the handset 2 from the first working set and try to register on the 2nd base (which does say connected with no errors on my winxp sp2 system)...still FAILED.

    both my pc's are winxp pro sp2 current as you can get systems.

    seem my 2nd base is non-fuctional...although it seems to operate with the software and no errors are thrown with the cit200 software.

    any ideas...i'm looking to buy a replacement base station...either cit200 or cit300 i have read and believe either will work.

  4. timevy

    timevy Guest

    If you are having trouble with unregistered cit200, this worked for me, I got itfrom a blog post:

    Hold down the main button on the base for about 10 seconds - the botton that you use to page the phone. After about 10 seconds the light on the base will begin flashing quickly. Once it is flashing, try to register your phone, using your registration code. The default code is '0000.
  5. bsibsiberlin

    bsibsiberlin Guest

    Thanks!!! yes yes yes!!!

    the last Tread was perfect! i had the problem and now i can registry the phone! Thank´s a lot!
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