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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by KillaB, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. KillaB

    KillaB Network Guru Member

    My parents are building a new house next door and I'll be staying in the old house. They're taking the phone line and DSL with them so I'm planning on using my WRT54G in client mode along with a VoIP setup. I'll be using my cell most of the time anyway.

    Right now I'm just on FWD and VoipBuster and have everything working perfectly on my PAP2.

    It just dawned on me that my WRT54G won't have a public IP parents router will. I'm guessing I'll have to map ports from their router to mine to keep my SIP registry working (since now I'll be double NAT'ed), but I want to run it past you folks first.

    Should I be using Client mode, Client Bridge mode or WDS? I'm a little confused as to which one I should be using.

    I'm planning on using DD-WRT v23 once it's finished (maybe the SIPatH version will work in my favor), and can set up a second WRT54G (in AP mode) at my parents house as well.

    Any ideas as to which mode I should be using?

  2. YogSothoth70

    YogSothoth70 Network Guru Member

    I just updated my GS to Thibor's latest firmware (181105). I decided to try out the "STA: Client" mode by connecting to my neighbor's AP. It worked well, even with my Vonage. It was seemless; the computers on my LAN didn't know the difference (same IPs from static DHCP as before).

    In your case, I believe Tofu 9 will work for your G.
  3. KillaB

    KillaB Network Guru Member

    Ok, so I have things semi-working using WDS and need some help.

    At the new house I start with the DSL modem connected to a WRT54G acting as my DHCP server and firewall. Next we go upstairs to the second WRT54G running in WDS mode with my WRT54G (also upstairs) next door. Then I have a PAP2 and laptop at the old house.
    Running WDS allows me to use my wireless laptop as opposed to Client Bridge mode which only allows me wired connections at the old house.

    My problem is that even though my PAP2 registers to both of my VoSP's and dialing works, I can't get incoming voice to work (outgoing works though). I have uPNP turned off on all routers except for the first one and I've played with the VIA settings but I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing. I even tried port range forwarding of the RTP ports set in the PAP2.

    I also can't get Bittorrent on my laptop working in this configuration and I can't figure out why since the first router is the only router doing DHCP and uPNP? And Bittornado is seeing this uPNP device. I see there's a uPNP forward option in the new DDv23, think this will help?

    I might buy a fourth WRT soon so that I can put the third WRT in Client bridge and run the fourth WRT in AP mode downstairs where my office PC currently resides.

    Any suggestions of things to try?

  4. KillaB

    KillaB Network Guru Member

    Correction, BitTorrent is working, just the regular TV trackers are either now blocked by my ISP or are down.

    So, my only problem at this point is VoIP behind three routers. Any ideas?
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