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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by isobuster, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. isobuster

    isobuster LI Guru Member

    Having some problems with client bridge mode. Here's my setup:

    i have two GS v4's running dd-wrt v23 sp1 final

    internet -- base wrt )) (( client wrt -- pc

    ap mode, broadcast ssid, wpa2 psk

    client: (correct?)
    client bridge mode, ssid and wpa2 key entered
    (turns off dhcp server by default)

    on client, I click site survey.. finds base ssid, click join, popup says joined successfully.
    I'm not too sure what to look for to see if I really joined or not...

    I assume it really joined..
    on the PC, I set it to DHCP, but it never gets an IP from the base
    if I set it to static with gateway:, it doesn't work either

    Can someone tell me if the IPs and setup is correct or not?
    Or post your own setup if its working (be detailed please)

  2. dauvit

    dauvit LI Guru Member

    When you view and join, you are setting up "client", not client bridge. Client bridge creates the same subnet, while client methods make it a another subnet
  3. isobuster

    isobuster LI Guru Member

    ok.. so in client bridge, it should be connected after I set it up?
    what should the status say?

    I need to play around with this more

    edit: ok I got it to work.
    I guess you still can't use WPA2 in client-bridged

    Another question:

    Best security is WPA PSK TKIP+AES and 63 char hex?
    (along with the usual no broadcast ssid, mac filtering, etc.)
  4. ric3125

    ric3125 Network Guru Member

    I use WPA PSK+AES in client bridge mode with a password from this web site. (63 random printable ASCII characters:) I see no need for mac filtering.
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