Client mode troubles. Help.

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by 2Gunz, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. 2Gunz

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    Basically Im looking to connect to an existing router with internet access using my my Linksys with WRT. As if it where a wireless card.

    Ive had limited success getting it to work. Sometimes it does but more offen than not it doesnt.

    Basically im setting it to client mode. Surveying and joining. Ive managed to get it to work a few times but generally it doest work.

    So .... what do I need to fix this. And should I be using Client or Client bridged mode? Also Is it possible to get it to work consistantly without messing with the settings on the router with the hardwire net connection?

    And lastly is it possible for the Linksys to be stand alone "repeater"?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. callous

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    I havent gotten this to work either. I changed it to client and client bridged modes, and site survey does not show any wireless networks even though there are supposed to be 3-4 in my area that I know of.

    Maybe this will be fixed in the next revision.
  3. 2Gunz

    2Gunz Network Guru Member

  4. ElRay

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    Client mode troubles. Help


    Go to the "Sveasoft Firmware" Forum @ It is posted as a "Sticky" near the top of the forum.

    Shah provides a "Step by step guide to setup a WRT54G in client bridge mode" that works, as advertised (Kudos to Shah!!!)!

    Additionally, when using the "DD-WRT #23" it has the added advantage of working flawlessly in WPA - TKIP wireless security mode. I did not experience ANY issues in using WPA - TKIP wireless security mode.

    I have 2 ea. WRT54G Routers. The one at the "Core" location (connected to the Broadband Router, servers, admin workstation (my Home Office), GTA-Lite Firewall, and cable modem) is using Linksys / Cisco Firmware Version : v4.20.7 while the other at the remote location is using DD-WRT v.23.

    I am using the straight "Client" mode, not "Client Bridge". I am also using two different subnets, as described by Shah.

    I selected Client mode in order to move into exotic firmware slowly: One step at a time. This way, if I "Bricked" a router, I could recover at my leisure without having the wife & kids misbehaving like "users" because they were knocked off the Internet for a few hours over the weekend.

    The remote DD-WRT router is connected to a single PC that serves as my Home Theatre PC (HTPC). Prior to this set up, I was using BOTH an internal Linksys PCI NIC AND a Linksys Instant PowerLine EtherFast 10/100 Bridge (PLEBR10). The aggregate throughput was not sufficient to sustain transferring music, images, and video from my Samba Server and Linksys NSLU Network Storage appliance.

    I am now getting a fairly consistent 18 Mbps, or higher, link that consistently delivers 5Mbps across the connection.

    Next week, during the wee hours of the morning, I plan to move to the next stage: “Wireless Distribution System†(WDS) having both routers upgraded to the DD-WRT firmware. Wish me luck…

    So, my advice: Try that link up above and be careful with your entries and patient with any responses from the gang over on the "Sveasoft Firmware" forum.

    Best of luck!

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