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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by scrupul0us, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. scrupul0us

    scrupul0us Network Guru Member

    is there a place for this on the admin site for the router?

    im having issues where i am dropping wireless connections to samba shares and i saw a blurb online that said to change the clock to 200 in order to reduce this [here]
  2. BassKozz

    BassKozz Network Guru Member

    Your dropping these connections over WDS?
    What routers (hardware) are you using?
    As far as I know there isn't an option for this in Tomato (but I could be wrong), the link you provided is for dd-wrt firmware (i am sure you knew that thou).
  3. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    this was an issue with wrt54g v2.2's afaik due to a different memory chip being used. it was not needed for ALL WRT's
  4. scrupul0us

    scrupul0us Network Guru Member

    WRT54GS w/ tomato connect via wireless to two linksys gaming adapters which are connected to xbox's modded with XBMC
  5. BassKozz

    BassKozz Network Guru Member

    Well then according to Toxic's reply this shouldn't affect you because your not using a wrt54g :)
    Also according to that link you posted this was an issue with WDS not with Wireless connection to clients, so this issue doesn't apply to you.

    As far as your dropping connections...
    What Channel are you broadcasting on? And did you do a site survey (http://router-ip/tools-survey.asp) to see if any neighbors are also on that channel? If so, try another channel and see if that helps.

    I too have two XBMC's in my house for streaming media, but in my experience the Wireless G standard just isn't 100% up-to-par for this use, I have my XBMC's connected via Cat5e cable... i realize that in some instances this isn't a viable option thou. You might want to consider buying some omni directional antenna's for your WRT54GS, that might help. (p.s. you can probably find them cheaper elsewhere, this is the first link I found from google)

  6. scrupul0us

    scrupul0us Network Guru Member

    thanks for the information... site survery shows one other wireless device operating on channel 6...

    so is there a preferred secondary? i do have those gigahertz cordless phones in my house as well

    i should also add that I have the 7db antenna boosters on my router as well

    thanks again for the help thus far... i miss being able to cat-5e my xbmc's... right now, as you mentioned, its not an option
  7. Rafatk

    Rafatk Network Guru Member

    If you still want to check the clock frequency of your WRT just connect thru SSH and type nvram show|grep clkfreq

    It will show you the frequency that your router is running.

  8. scrupul0us

    scrupul0us Network Guru Member

    thanks rafatk

    so i changed the whole kit and caboodle to run on a different channel and while i was at it i did a MAC inventory and did some other maintenance...

    now to see how it all pans out

    thanks guys
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