compatability bet. stock WAP54G and modded WRT54G

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bo33b, Jan 4, 2007.

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    greetings. i'm just looking for a little advice here.

    i own two WRT54G routers and a WAP54G access point. until yesterday, all were running the lastest firmware from linksys. i've got alot of PCs in my house, but the setup is quite simple:

    there's two essentially independent routers with their own LANs (including wireless clients) in two parts of the house. both routers had 100% identical settings except for the SSID. every IP in my house is static, with subnet mask=, gateway=, and two dns server IPs.

    in order to merge both LANs into one I simply configured the WAP54G with the same security settings, put it into "wireless bridge" mode, punched in the Wireless MACs for both routers, unplugged the ethernet, and situated it inbetween the routers. Voila, just like that I could administer each router from a PC attached to the other, and everything had internet access.

    i don't know if that's enough background info, so some specs are below:

    WRT 1 SSID     = "internet" (located in my office on the 2nd floor)
    WRT 1 Security = WEP, 64-bit, passphrase: londonbridge
    WRT 1 DHCP     = off  (ip:
    WRT 1 WAN      = cable modem
    WRT 1 LAN 1    = PC   (
    WRT 1 LAN 2    = PC   (
    WRT 1 WIFI     = PC   (
    WRT 1 WIFI     = PDA  (
    WRT 2 SSID     = "game_room" (located in the basement)
    WRT 2 Security = WEP, 64-bit, pass: londonbridge
    WRT 2 DHCP     = off     (ip:
    WRT 2 WAN      = unplugged
    WRT 2 LAN 1    = PC      (
    WRT 2 LAN 2    = XBOX    (
    WRT 2 WIFI     = Laptop  (
    WRT 2 WIFI     = Laptop  (
    WAP SSID       = "linksys" (located on the first floor)
    WAP Security   = WEP, 64-bit, pass: londonbridge
    WAP Mode       = Wireless Bridge
    WAP Bridge MAC = [Wireless MAC for WRT 1]
    WAP Bridge MAC = [Wireless MAC for WRT 2]
    WAP LAN        = unplugged
    both routers are version 5 and i have been having numerous problems with WRT 1 rebooting during periods of heavy use.

    i've attributed the problem to the instabilities in the VxWorks software, and after much research learned about DD-WRT. yesterday i loaded v23 sp2 onto my main router (WRT 1), and although it was far from a one-step process everything went smoothly. in a test, two PCs dl'd two entire websites using NeoDownloader and the router never rebooted. problem solved.

    new problem
    however, now WRT 2 is not talking with WRT 1. i checked every setting in DD-WRT. I built my own pre-linux firmware, so the MAC is the same. the only thing i can think of is this small note on one of the config pages in the WAP:
    my questions
    1. is it possible that the WAP, which is bridging the two WRTs, no longer recognizes my main router as a linksys WRT54G?
    2. what could i possibly do to get the two routers talking again without halving the throughput (as WDS apparently does)?
    3. i understand that DD-WRT is a router firmware which can run on a WAP54G as well. if i was to load it onto the WAP, would i get identical functionality to the stock firmware (with regard to wireless bridging)?
    thank you for your help!
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