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    I have recently installed a Wireless-G ADSL Home Gateway WAG200G. This is linked to my computer on the first floor of my home in France, and accesses the internet (ADSL Broadband) via one of two separate phone lines. On the ground floor I have a Siemens S675IP telephone linked to my second phone line for fixed line calls. However, I want to use the VOIP capability of this telephone to 'talk' to the Internet via the Gateway and make VOIP calls to the UK and Ireland.
    I need a Router to connect to the Siemens telephone. I am seeking advice from anyone who can help me to identify which piece of equipment will communicate wirelessly from the ground floor to the Gateway on the first floor, and do I also need an adpater.
    I have looked at the WRTP54G, but am unclear if this is right or not!
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