Compile error libpcap WRT54GS_3_37_2_1109_US

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by phild_mande, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. phild_mande

    phild_mande Network Guru Member


    I try to cross compile firmware 3_37_2_1109 (source from Linksys) on a Linux Mandrake system
    test on version 9.2 and 10.0
    No problems to install the source (cross-compile in /opt; PATH; etc.); after few modification for running
    make dep in "release/src/linux/linux"
    (I am oblige to create manually the link in the include directory to asm-mips)
    make symlinks OK
    make dep OK
    after that in "release/src" I do make and
    I obtain an error in libpcap make

    make -C libpcap CC=mipsel-uclibc-gcc AR=mipsel-uclibc-ar RANLIB=mipsel-uclibc-ranlib
    make[1]: entering dir... /lipcap
    bison y -p pcap_ -d grammar.y
    make[1]: *** [grammar.c] Broken pipe
    make[1]: leaving dir ....
    make: [libpcap] erreur 2
    For your information :
    bison version is : 1.875
    flex version is : 2.5.4

    Do you know what is missing or what is this error (I try some search in the web ... nothing clear)

    Thanks for help
  2. phild_mande

    phild_mande Network Guru Member

    Message must be close solution hereafter


    To solve this problem ... add GNU M4 software, not dependancy from bison, but used by bison in some case ....

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