Compile WRT150NV11_v1.51.3_ETSI

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by FuMi22, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. FuMi22

    FuMi22 LI Guru Member


    I try to compile firmware WRT150N with Ubuntu v7.10.
    When try to start ./ fail in make xgcc

    try with gcc4.1 --> error:
    error: l-valor invalid in increment
    [read-rtl.o] Error1

    downgrade gcc to 3.3 and...

    gcc3.3 --> error:
    En la función yy_symbol_value_print
    [read-rtl.o] Error1


    Someone has compiled the firmware? With that distribution? Requirements?

  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    In here roadkill recommends some build tools for Ubuntu

    There is little use of your system gcc (only used to build the tools to compress the filesystem and create the final image), you need a supplied cross-compiler - but huge dependence on system "make", path and "CFLAG" variables in my experience (not on WRT150n I must add)!

    Try a firmware such as WAG200G/WRT54GL - they have pre-built toolchain included in the distro.
  3. FuMi22

    FuMi22 LI Guru Member


    I havn't installed flex package but essentials and bison i have installed... The error persists...

    If I download firmware such as WAG200G/WRT54GL I use this pre-built tool-chain for mmy firmware WRT150N..

    I'm a newbee...:frown:
  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I just checked, the WRT150 download includes the pre-built toolchain looks very similar to the WRT54GL range, you probably just have to copy the contents of the tools directory to /opt and add them to your path as per the first couple of steps of stage 2 in Thibor's instruction to build his firmware:-

    The WAG200G would just be a test of your PC, its a Ti AR7 CPU (still mips le though), but the download does everything to install tools and build...
  5. FuMi22

    FuMi22 LI Guru Member

    Thx mstombs!
    Compilations is done! Now i try to install this firmware on WRT150N...
    If I want customize default settings.. What do I do? I read something about nvram..
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