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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bengalih, Feb 3, 2005.

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    It's amazing that only a short while ago the WRT world for alternative firmware was starting. At that time, I had a Netgear and didn't have the need to switch. I have found myself wanting some of the enhanced features that alternative firmware can give me, but with the wealth of information I have found here it is hard to find some "simple" answers.

    I am hoping someone can provide some information (direct links to other sites or particular postings here) that can provide the differences/benefits/drawbacks of the different firmware options.

    So far I have gathered that BatBox is just for play, as it is non-resident. I have actually installed HyperWRT and it seems easy to use, but not as fully featured as some of the others (it seems).

    I am looking mainly for the differences in the Sveasoft Alchemy vs. Satori. Why are there 2 from the same vendor? It also looks like the Alchemy is not a free distribution, is this correct? Also how does OpenWRT fit in with all these? and are there other contenders?

    I have spent a couple hours on this site and it has helped me with some of my HyperWRT setup, but I can't find any straightforward articles discussing the differences/benefits/drawbacks of the different firmware options.

    I'm sure it must be out there somewhere, so I would appreciate some information or direct links to what I need.

    Thanks all!
  2. Toxic

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    sveasoft always has two versions. though the older one is a completed project and wont be worked on unless a serious bug is found.

    Satori is finished and available., Alchemy is in final stages of testing though has been flawed by bugs creeping in the last few release candidates, once teting is complate it will be made avialable to the gerneral public. and then "Talisman" Project takes over as the beta firmware. sveasoft firmware uses cutting edge techknowledge to the the maximum out of the wrt54g though the amount of features used by most are not used.

    Hyperwrt is a "closest too" the original firmware. this is to safe guard bugs and make it easier for the normal everday user to understand.

    if you are not a guru in the field of wirless setups etc then stay with the official firmware from linksys or use hyperwrt.

    if you want to broaden your newtorking skills then try satori.

    wifibox seems to have disappeared into the abiss.
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