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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heyyahblah, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member

    OK, made a thread while back that I need to know how to share files on a network.

    So I got the info ran the network wizard from control panel and all was good. Was able to share files and folders between computers on the network by using the run command and typing \\ip address

    So it was working fine and all, now all of a sudden it stopped responding. I reset the cable modem, reset the router a few times, reset the router settings from scratch, ran the network setup wizard again and again and still nothing.

    For some unknown reason the network stopped responding, with no changes made to either computers. No new hardware or software nothing. Each computer can access the Internet just fine, but I can't share files between them anymore.

    I ran PING from cmd and I cannot even PING the computers anymore. I can ping the IP from its own machine, and get the machines IP but if I try to PING the IP of the machine I'm trying to access I just get the message REQUEST TIMED OUT!

    Nothing new was added, no software, firewalls etc. No new service providers! Nothing everything has stayed exactly the same as it was.

    Could someone here please tell me what the hell is going ON?!?!?! This is really frustrating. Like I said no changes were made so why would it stop working? Router Menopause?

    Using WRT54GS v5.0
    3 PCs 1 Wired - 2 Wireless - wired to router main PC - wireless PC - wireless laptop

    thanks in adv
  2. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member

    two weeks later, problem solved all by myself.

    no thanks to you useless ASSHOLES on this FORUM!

    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

    thanks again :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: for nothing
  3. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Thanks for stopping by and now make your exit kid.

    Come back when you have even a small clue of how a network functions and while out there grow up a lot more.

    "the nerve of some people's kids".
  4. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member

    OK there faglito,

    i came hear to learn and get help and advice from people that know about networks, its a forum ... duh ... you stupid idiot. People help each other and post suggestions & solutions not shrug off my thread as you and countless others did. You only posted when I cut you up.

    50 reads and two weeks later and not one reply about my problem. Not even a lousy suggestion is all I asked for. 1 Lousy f**king reply and I would have been happy. But noo, to arrogrant to fix my problem.

    Till I went onto another forum and someone told me, hmm it sounds like a winsock error, why don't you run the winsock fix freeware program.

    Now wouldn't you know that's all I did I ran that little program and it fixed everything? My network is magically back to normal. And this guy answered me on this forum within hours. Not waiting 2 weeks and not hearing anything from ASSHOLES LIKE YOU!

    Don't f**king tell me to grow up faglito and learn how a network functions because I came here for help your arrogant pr*ck. Don't talk back to me. Stick your forum up your arse you lifeless pr**k.

    have a nice day :thumbup: :thumbup:
    thank you very much.
  5. pablito

    pablito Network Guru Member

    Wow, you are a bit sensitive aren't you.
    I didn't know that anyone around here was obligated to answer anyone's questions much less from the likes of you. Plenty of people give and get and if a post gets lost in the noise then that is life. I answered your question because it appeared at the top this morning. I didn't see your original post. And I damn sure am not here to hunt down every post that gets buried in the noise. I'm now glad that I didn't answer your original post you ungrateful little child.

    Since you got such wonderful support from wherever that was then may I suggest you stay away from here. I certainly will not respond to anything else you might want to spout. You are not worth my time. I've wasted too much time on you already. Now piss off.

    Thank you very little.

    Delete me thread.
  6. heyyahblah

    heyyahblah LI Guru Member


    It was nothing to do with being obligated to answer my post. It's simple common courtesy. Every other forum I've ever been on out there, I've always gotten a reply. Even if it was something stupid like "oh you posted on in the wrong section."

    It was on the 1st page for about a week and at least 25 or more people read my thread. I did everything proper. I posted my problem, I remained calm, I posted what I tried to do, and my specs. Then I sat and waited and waited for someone to give me a reply or a suggestion or something to try.

    Nope, not worthy enough to suggest something like that winsock that helped me fix my problem. And stop calling me a child you arrogant lifeless pr*ck. You help nothing, and you probably were an asshole that read my original thread and decided to shrug me off, and your getting cussed up because you tried to be a big man and reply. Screw off! You not waste more of your time? Buddy, your the one who keeps replying to my posts, lamer. So you can piss off.

    I'll take my questions and all recommendations to the other forum where I got good help and service and make sure I'll make sticky to bash up the useless arrogant pr*cks (such as yourself) from this place that shrug people off, when I bet you there were tons of mods and people that had the simple answer to my solution, but didn't feel like helping me out. Because I'm a network n00bie. Fine you wanna be lamers like that, whatever go sit infront of your lifeless & wifeless screens jerking each other off on teamspeak playing WOW with a bunch of kids. That's what you remind me of. Don't worry about me anymore paglito.

    thanks again for f**k all :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
    ur a true network guru
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