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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by BizSAR, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. BizSAR

    BizSAR Network Guru Member

    OK, I've given up searching through these forums for answers.

    Here's my issues:
    I've got a WRT54G v4, running the .23 DD-WRT software. I like the added functionality, but many of the added functions are giving me a headache trying to determine how each should be configured. The Wiki is not a whole lot of help in how to actually set the settings.

    I would just like some guidance on what settings are best for gaming, regular browsing, and P2P. Particularily the following areas of the mini admin. interface:

    - Administration/Management
    - Administration/Services
    - Security
    - OK, just about anything else.

    I've searched the Wiki, the Internet, the built-in help interface (which does not address all of the settings), under rocks, etc. and cannot find a HOW TO of setting up my router. I'm not new to networking and can understand basic concepts, but I need HELP. :sad:

    Additionally, when I attempt to run a torrent or eDonkey, my router craps out and I have to reset it to get it to function. I know the IP Filter settings should be changed, but does that, in turn, affect anything else, like gaming.

    Lastly, am I the only one having issues adding items to the QoS services priority list?

    A bit overwhelmed,
  2. Couledouce

    Couledouce Network Guru Member

    I don't know if you are going to like my answer...

    For your P2P, normally the client you are using will have a web site with information about the port forwarding setup required.

    For QoS, there have been a lot of posts, it sounds like it works, but you got to get the setup right, maybe try and post specifically on that topic separately.

    For all your general set up questions, eg.
    - Administration/Management
    - Administration/Services
    - Security
    We can't try to re-write a full documentation in this thread. You might have missed it, but there is online help for each page in the web interface of DD-WRT, right hand upper part of the screen. If you have already read that, then your questions will have to be a bit more specific.

    Don't think I don't like to help, but I really don't know were to start.
  3. BizSAR

    BizSAR Network Guru Member

    Thanks for your response, but I am/was completely frustrated at some of this.

    I guess the biggest points of frustration come from two points:

    1. Every time I start up eDonkey, after about a minute or two, my router refuses all connections (even to itself) until a long time later or until I reset the router. I just discovered that this also occurs occasionally when I search for servers to play games on. This never happened with the Linksys firmware. After perfoming a forum search for the issue, I did find an older post about changing the IP filter settings, but I'm concerned that once I do that, it may correct the issue, but cause other issues with other things I do like gaming, web browsing, etc. Plus, it is an older post. This is the biggest issue I have with the software, and the closest to having me throw in the towel and go with other firmware. I already have the correct ports opened/forwarded.

    2. When I attempt to add my own entry to the 'Services Priority' section of the QoS tab or change any of the exsisting entries, it doesn't show up in the list. Do I have to reboot the router to get them to show up?

    I have other questions, but I'll specifically address them in other posts after searching for the issues in the forums. The issue is that yes, I do see the online help on each page, but it does not address quite a few of the settings present. Why can't there be one place with help/recommendations on every setting in the software?

    Still a bit frustrated,
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