configure a BEFSR41 as extension of my WRT54G ?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by sebmex, May 29, 2009.

  1. sebmex

    sebmex Addicted to LI Member


    i use Tomato on a WRT54G and i love it, best firmware for this rig !

    I need more ethernet plugs, so i figured i bought a BEFSR41 (official firmware inside).

    Problem is i don't know of to configure it as a simple switch.

    here is what i did :

    on WRT54G (, I declared the SR41 mac adress and asigned it a static ip

    on SR41 i declared it as, same subnet, and disabled DHCP, leaving it on Obtain IP dynamically.

    Now here is my problem : if i plug the SR41 on my ethernet port 4 of my WRT54G, and plug the cable on port 1 of SR41, i can see from my lan PC the SR41 webpage (typing and i can plug a PC seemlessly that will look being pluged to the WRT54G (cool). BUT the thing is i'd rather have my 4 ports free and use the "internet" plug of the SR41 as a child of the WRT54G.

    How can i make it work ? when i plug it this way, i can't reach the router config page from my lan PC (but i see in tomato that the router is on.

    Thanks for any guidance.

  2. micko_escalade

    micko_escalade Network Guru Member

    I've setup BEFSR41 as switch a while ago but it was with other WRT54G Linksys original firmware.
    If you disabled DHCP you also have to change ip to 192.168.0.X then use one of 1-4 ports to hook it up to tomato. Most likely you can't use WAN port.
    I'm sure there's other ways to do it.
    Hope it helps!
  3. sebmex

    sebmex Addicted to LI Member

    that worked indeed, but when i plug a computer on the SR41, it goes to the internet without a problem, but it cannot see the other pc on my lan, connected to the WRT54G directly...

    how can i do ?
  4. micko_escalade

    micko_escalade Network Guru Member

    Can you ping ether pc?
    All what I can think of is that computers are on the different subnet.
    What does ipconfig says on each computer?
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