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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cecilia12345, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. cecilia12345

    cecilia12345 Network Guru Member

    im sorry to bother again but...

    ... i wanted to do this configuration:
    [internet] ---- [cablemodem] ---- [wrt54g] ---- clientes
    can anybody help me there?

    ive been reading about it but i dunno how change router default address -

    i want to have an internet conexion but i want to serve my own ip adressess for my local network... and my ip addresses are not 192.168....
    if i change the router default address, the firmware gets stuck and it doesnt do it, actually i often have to restart it :(

    and one more question ... can i go back from freeman/basic 1.0.4 to the original linksys firmware v3.03.9? can anybody email it to me?
  2. elnino

    elnino Network Guru Member

    You can change the router's IP address on the first screen when accessing it via your web browser. If 192.168 is not normally what you use for your network, you'll probably have to hook a computer directly up to the router to access and you can change the address.

    The old firmwares might be on somewhere
  3. cecilia12345

    cecilia12345 Network Guru Member

    yeah, but if you change this default router ip address it gets stuck and doesnt work, i always have to reset it... why does it happen? it happened with the original firmware and also when i flashed it - (freeman)....
  4. elnino

    elnino Network Guru Member

    When you change the router's IP address, it won't refresh on it's own after it applied the settings. You'll have to type in the new IP address you gave it and login to it again.
  5. cecilia12345

    cecilia12345 Network Guru Member

    yes, i have done that and stilll doesnt work.
    have you tried changing your routers dfault address yourself?
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