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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by GatsbyK, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. GatsbyK

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    Hey Everybody,

    Happy Holidays! I am having trouble configuring my QoS. More exactly I am getting confused on the setup. I understand that QoS can limit based on IP, Application, or MAC address. Correct me if I am wrong. I have 3 computers at home, mine, my brothers, and my fathers. We recently swapped to optimum online. At first it was going good, everything was fine. However, now playing games both me and my brother lag in League of Legends. More specifically I would have good ping and latency, but when I tell my champion to move, it would stay still and from a range of 5-60 seconds, the inputs I put into the game would not work, then later ALL the actions happy all at once. I'm thinking this might be a buffering problem or something delaying the actions from happening. All the other players around us happen in real time, and they move around cast spells etc, but me and my brother would be at a standstill for seconds at a time. At first we thought the problem was our father streaming. But this proved not to be the case since the problem persisted even when it was only me playing. I also tested this by connecting the modem directly into the computer, but problem still persisted. We got the Linksys WRT54GL recently to see if the problem would be fixed but it isn't. I was reading on QoS and I would like to forward ports and make it so that League of Legends would be exempt from having any limits on the data. Any idea how to do this? I am a BIG dummie on QoS and Tomato therefore step by step directions OR screen shots would be the best. I am running Tomato 1.28 firmware. Thanks.
  2. wit100

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    "I also tested this by connecting the modem directly into the computer, but problem still persisted."

    Well, then, I doubt QoS would do you any good. It does not appear to be anything you can do with the router to help....
  3. pharma

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