Configuring WRT54G as AP with Motorola SPG1000 as cable modem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by st8800, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. st8800

    st8800 Guest

    I was using Motorola SPG1000 cable modem with Belkin F5D8230-4. Previously, I was having some problem with the wireless function on SPG1000 so I had to get the Belkin. I was told by my service provider helpdesk to use SPG1000 as a cable modem and to disable NAT and firewall function in SPG1000 and setup Belkin as an Access Point (this function was available inside Belkin setup page). Things worked fine for a year then I started to have problem with detecting wireless network even when I was next to the Belkin.

    Then I decided to get the Linksys. I set up the network using same method except there was no function inside Linksys setup page to us it as an Access Point. I'm able to surf using notebook but notice that there has been long periods of between 5-10 mins where the connection drops for both PC and notebook. I had to reboot the cable modem and router to get internet access again. Is this because I didn't setup the router as an Access Point?

    Pls advise if I'm doing anything wrong. Thanks.
  2. shyam1683

    shyam1683 Guest

    forget about the previous setup.. try upgrading the firmware and configure for router do mac clone in setup page.. it works fine..
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