Connect a wireless WRT54GS to a wired BEFSR4?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by pobrien31, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. pobrien31

    pobrien31 Network Guru Member

    My Broadband connection is currently with Telewest here in the UK. The broadband modem is connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 cable router. This was setup almost 2 years ago by myself, so once it was setup and working the knowledge of what I had done soon dwindled.

    Well, it looks like I'll need to gen up again as I need to find out about wireless networks.

    I have a PSP as well as a Nintendo DS both with wireless capability.

    Can I connect a wireless router to my current setup in order to service the new consoles?

    If so, what would the best kit to use? I've been looking at the WRT54GS!!! Also, a dummy guide would be useful if any can help.

    If anyone can then it would be most appreciated.


  2. toyotanpa

    toyotanpa Network Guru Member

    Yes you can connect both. I have a similar setup with a BEFSR81 (8pt version of the BEFSR4)

    You need to configure the WRT54G before you connect it too your BEFSR4. Here are the changes:
    -Change the IP address of the WRT54G (I use
    -Change the routing mode to Router from Gateway
    -Turn off DHCP server (your BEFSR41 will be doing this)

    Finally all you need to do is connect 1 of the 4 ports of the WRT54G to 1 of your ports on the BEFSR4, making sure not to use the WAN port on the WRT54G for this.

    Everything should be working. Of course you'll want to secure your wireless side.

    Take care,
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