Connect WRT54G V5 With ADSL Router

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by handsomeabhi, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. handsomeabhi

    handsomeabhi LI Guru Member

    Greetings Friends:) ,

    Pls Help Me With This.

    I have Linksys WRT54G V5 Wireless Router and D-Link DSL-502T ADSL Router.I want to connect the ADSL Router with WRT54G Wireless Router.

    This is the connection I want to implement.

    Note: -> = connected to

    ADSL Internet Line -> ADSL Router -> WRT54G Wireless Router -> Desktop PC

    Can someone pls help me make this connection.

    Step by Step instructions will be a Great Help :)

    Best Regards:thumbup: ,
  2. twoj1

    twoj1 LI Guru Member

    just connect an ethernet cable from the ADSL to your linksys's internet port and then on the linksys setup page under basic setup select Automatic configuration-DHCP and you are done.
  3. handsomeabhi

    handsomeabhi LI Guru Member

    Thanks For Your Reply

    Greetings twoj1:) ,

    Thank You Very Much for your HelpFul Reply:wink: .

    I will surely try it and see whether it works.

    Also , by the Linksys setup page you mean , the Linksys SetUp Wizard CD or the page ?

    Pls let me know.

    Best Regards:thumbup: ,
  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    DSL braodband doesn't always use Automatic Configuration.

  5. handsomeabhi

    handsomeabhi LI Guru Member

    Thanks For The Link

    Greetings Esquire:) ,

    Thanks For The Link.

    But I have a ADSL Router.And I want to connect the ADSL Router to WRT54G WiFi Router.

    Is there any guide for establishing this connection OR shall I establish the connection using the same guide.

    Best Regards:thumbup: ,
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