Connected, but can't load net wirelessly.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 7, 2006.

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    This one has been bafflin' me all day, so I hope someone can figure this out and help me. Haha.

    2 Machines, both XP Pro SP2, can connect to the router, it assings DCHP, and the alike, yet the page dosen't load. It just started doing this, and been workin' fine for nearly a year. Nothing changed. Every single is 80% and above.

    The router is WRT54G, with HyperWRT Firmware. The Cards are Belkin G Cards. What's weird is this, my roomates dropped about 5 days ago, reformated, and now mine dropped earlier, but the ethernetports work fine.

    We can also filshare just fine, Command Prompt can ping, but if ya do a full domaine name it can't resolve. So I don't understand what is going on. NO Firewalls, no secuirty (Tryin' to see if I can connect at all), so in essence nothing is on at this moment.

    I've rebooted, power cycled everything and still does the same thing. Wireless Config is off on XP as well, and usin' program from Belkin.

    Sorry if this is a little jumped, I'm tired, and abot go to bed. I've searched the fourms, but 80+ is a bit much to look through for such a general question.

    Hope someone can help!

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