Connecting 2 wireless routers?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by rcfun33, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. rcfun33

    rcfun33 Network Guru Member

    I have an older WRT54G wireless router and a WRT54GS new in a box.

    Right now I have:
    1. Cable modem in the living room after two splitters - one splitter at the cable source to send cables upstairs and downstairs and another splitter in the living room to send the cable to the cable box, cable modem and TIVO.
    2. WRT54G in living room cable wired to cable modem, TIVO and XBOX.
    3. PCs with wireless adapters.

    I would like to change this so that I have.
    1. Cable modem near cable source after 1 2-way splitter with one cable going to the cable modem and one going to an amplified splitter for all of the other destinations.
    2. One of the wireless routers near the cable modem.
    3. The other wireless router in the living room picking up the wireless signal from the other router. TIVO and XBOX wire connected to this router.
    4. PCs with wireless adapters.

    Can this be done? Is is difficult?
    I've heard that to use 2 routers in this fashion you have to flash new firmware into at least one of them.

    I don't really enjoy messing with this kind of stuff too much, so if it is a hassle, I would rather purchase another piece of hardware rather than using one of the routers. Is there an access point or switch that would be better?

  2. rcfun33

    rcfun33 Network Guru Member

    So I put the cable modem and WRT54G at the cable source after a single 2-way splitter on the cable. Now I don't have any network connectivity in the living room for the TIVO and XBOX. I use my TIVO as a media server, so I need to figure this out.

    Now I need to figure out if I should put the WRT54GS in the living room (or at the cable source, swapping with the WRT54G) or get something else for the living room.

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