Connecting 2 WRT54GS routers wirelessly

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by alawngnome, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. alawngnome

    alawngnome Guest

    Right now I have DSL connected to 1 WRT54GS and 2 computers connected (wired) to the WRT54GS. I also have 2 computers right next to each other in another room with no internet connection. I want to connect the 2 computers in the other room to my network and be able to transfer files with the computers on the network. I would rather not buy 2 separate wireless cards for the two other computers. Ideally I would hook up the 2 computers without internet to a second WGT54GS that would work as a bridge. I want it to be 1 network so all the computers can see each other and easily transfer files and share a printer. The second router wouldn't have to repeat the signal. I don't think the WRT54GS will do this out of the box. If I have to download a new firmware could someone tell me which one will be easy to use and do what I want? My Linux knowledge if fairly minimal so I would prefer one that requires the least amount of Linux experience.
  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    i'm pretty sure you can with any custom firmware put it into client mode and connect as a clent to the other wrt.
  3. EnigmaV8

    EnigmaV8 Network Guru Member

    Me Too!

    Very good timing. I have two WRT54G's sitting here right now and I too am trying to setup up just a bridge between the two. I got them SUPER cheap ($30 each) and also I figure why pay the same for an AP when you can have two whole routers. Now maybe I see why.

    Anyone know of a firmware or way to get these guys to connect wirelessly? They have good routing function but it doesn't seem to work over the wireless portion.

    Any ideas? Or are we just screed with having to get real AP's. I'll continue to play with them.
  4. EnigmaV8

    EnigmaV8 Network Guru Member

    Man are WE noobs. I just did a buttload of research and that what all these firmwares are about--adding bridge functionality.

    Bottom line to save you time... use a Alchemy/Talisman-based one(DD-WRT 22prefinal4 for example) if you want lots of hacking type features. Use HyperWRT if you want basic bridging features but using more current Linksys firmware code.
  5. shaoping

    shaoping Guest

    Any more information about wrt54g setup in repeater mode?

    Thanks for the information.

    I just upgraded the firmware. But I really have no idea about how to set it up. I have two routers and want to use one as the repeater. Would someone please help me out by providing me setup information? Thanks.

  6. PitSpaniel

    PitSpaniel Network Guru Member

    Check out the stickies on this link:

    I used the WDS method with Alchemy, which is sooo cooool.

    The advice in the WDS link is a little stale. Assembled when Alchemy was in various stages of Beta. This what I found:

    1. You don't have to disable the firewall.
    2. You can use WPA encryption. I don't think it's clear in the above links but if you are going to use WDS with WPA, both routers should have the SAME SSID.

    I would also supplement the info with this item from Sveasoft:

    I had a devil of a time with WPA and file sharing until I set up the WDS subnet as recommended in the above link.

    The WDS, QoS and static DHCP in Alchemy are sooo coool. But I guess I said that.
  7. PitSpaniel

    PitSpaniel Network Guru Member

    Here are some pictures:

    The only differences between this and my setup are (1) I have a wired PC on the second WRT54G (2) A number of laptops connect to the internet on the First WRT54G (3) I'm using WPA AES and (4) my firewall in enabled.

    I also recommend setting up the WDS Subnet IAW with Sveasoft documentation. Added stability to filesharing.
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