Connecting 3+ WRT54G like a giant web

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by nqc2k, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. nqc2k

    nqc2k Network Guru Member

    I have searched for hours and hours, and cannot find out how to do this.

    I have 1 DSL line, I want to share wireless in a huge building. I want to set it up so I have wrt54g 's throughout the building where computers can plug into them and be online. I need at 3, if not 5 of these as I have a huge area to cover.

    I have v3 which does not even seem to be supported by any (except hyperwrt), but its all I could find at the stores.

    I have tried to research STP spanning tree protocol, but cannot find out much about this, but it seems I need this. WDS needs to be used, but I found tons of info on how to set up WDS with 2 wrt54g's, but not any that were 3+. The only one I found was for openWRT which looks like I need to run linux to use it, and Im on XP.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!
  2. gparry

    gparry Guest

    You can use dd-wrt to do this with no problems. Using the web interface you can set up 9 wrt in wds. WOrks fine with version 3 too. Also Sveasoft talisman will work. check out or .
  3. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    OpenWRT runs on Linux based routers, you don't need to have Linux on the PC's ;)

    Why are you using routers, wouldn't access points at each location be suitable?
  4. nqc2k

    nqc2k Network Guru Member

    Say I set up 9 wrt54g 's with WDS, im not sure how it works. Will the furthest wds wrt54g away from the main router be able to pick and choose which wds routers it goes through in order to get to the main router? Say one of the wds wrt54g's is too far away to see the main router, can it bounce off the other wds wrt54g's that are inbetween the furthest wds wrt54g and the main router? If so, do i have to set some type of Static trail for it to follow, or can it automaticly choose any wrt54g inbetween.

    I am using wrt54g's beacause at the time they were cheaper than buying AP's. $40 each.
  5. nqc2k

    nqc2k Network Guru Member

    Anyone know?
    Maybe I can just use a bunch of repeaters?

    Any insight would be great!
  6. newparadime

    newparadime Guest

    You need to put WDS links from one subsequent router to the next.


    You need to have one router int he center of the building and the others around it.

    ex. of First setup.


    So you lin the main Gateway to the first 'repeater' and then you link the repeaters to each other in a chain.

    As i said, you can also set it up with the gateway in the center, and the routers in a circle around it, all linked to the center.

    The advantage to'chain mode' however, is that you can theoretically make the chain go n an on forever (or at least till the signal degrades beyond use)

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