Connecting more APs (LAN & WLAN)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dev_null, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. dev_null

    dev_null Network Guru Member


    I have the following configuration:
    ---- & | UTP
    === wireless
    -( directional ant.
    -° omni ant.
    (AP3 i 4 are utp-ed to AP2, other is wireless) 
    All APs are wrt54g
    AP1 has, AP3 has, AP4 has etc. except AP 2 which is
    AP2 i AP5 are in client mode, others are in AP mode. AP in AP mode runs dhcp in non colliding ranges.

    The problem follows:
    From AP1 ony AP2 can be accessed. AP3 & 4 does not respond. If i connect a PC to a lan port of the AP3 (or 4) it can communicate with AP1 but not if I connect it wirelessly (to AP3 or 4).
    Also AP5 gets an IP from AP3 but can't communicate with him or all the network. The only think i saw is that if I ping broadcast from AP5 only AP2 responds. If pinging directly AP2 it does not respond.

    I would appreciate any help in configuring this. And I'm willing to change anything except the topology.

  2. elnino

    elnino Network Guru Member

    What do your routing tables look like?
  3. dev_null

    dev_null Network Guru Member

    Sorry cannot copy/paste the routing table until the next weekend.
    But the only thing I added was the def. gateway to all the APs except AP1.

  4. elnino

    elnino Network Guru Member

    Usually default routes are set to the next hop. What router has your internet connection? AP4?
  5. dev_null

    dev_null Network Guru Member

    We currently does not have and internet connection but planning it on AP1.
    I was just talking about communication between APs & computers connected to them.
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