Connecting more than one Linksys Router

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nj_suresh, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. nj_suresh

    nj_suresh LI Guru Member

    If anybody need my help to connect more than one Linksys Router, mail me..
    Its working very good for me. I have connected 3 routers.
  2. n9lya

    n9lya LI Guru Member


    Hi.. I am just curious more for future knowledge..
    how are they configured.. And how are they linked.> Wireless or wired???

    Thanks Jerry
  3. nj_suresh

    nj_suresh LI Guru Member

    It's wired..........
  4. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    do you want 3 different network segments? or are you just using them as additional ports? what model, version and firmware do you have of the routers
  5. mpaull

    mpaull Guest

    multiple routers

    I'd be very interested.
  6. nj_suresh

    nj_suresh LI Guru Member

    It's very simple and easy. I worked 4 days continously reading forums and I got it.

    Here you Go!

    I have 3 routers, 1-range extender and 6- 3COM access points in my MOTEL and all the clients getting speed of 11.0 Mbps………
    How to connect 3 routers to the modem- Wired

    Router 1 connected to the MODEM –acting as a gateway. WRT54GS

    Here’s how it works:

    1. WRT54GS is using LAN IP of and has DHCP enabled on for all clients.
    2. SSID for all the routers is same – enable this and select the channel 6
    3. Disconnect your computer from the first router

    Do not make any changes on the first router. But on the 2nd and 3rd router you do the following:

    Now you need patch cable (crossover cable) to connect the second router and 3rd router.

    1. Plug a computer into the 2nd router WAN port - WRT54GL
    2. By default the 2nd router IP will also be at so type that in the browser and open the admin page and change the Internet connection type as Static IP (first router will take care of assigning IP address to clients)
    but change the Router IP to After applying those settings you need to reconnect your computer to to access the configure pages on 2nd router

    3. Go to Advance Routing tab and set the operating mode to ROUTER mode and save the settings.
    4. Change the SSID as router 1
    5. Once you done all these changes unplug your computer and all the cables from the router except power
    6. Connect one end of the patch cable to one of the 4 ports of 2nd router (I/P). Leave WAN port open. Other end to the first router’s LAN port(1-4)

    That’s it. Its working good now.

    Same procedure for the 3rd router- WRT54GS (Router IP No packet loss if you ping. GOOD LUCK!

    Don't forget to upgrade your firmware............
  7. atinexus

    atinexus Network Guru Member

    I have 3 Linksys WRT54G Routers connected wirelessly at 54mb speed
    one V6 linksys firmware one V3 running alchemy and another v2.2 running alchemy. If anyone is interested in that setup....
  8. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I'll do you better :)

    I've got four routers running at the same time; a cisco pix 501 as the gateway router configured from MS PPTP VPN, followed by a Linksys WRV200 running multiple wireless ssids/vlan and also port forwarding to an ftp server and a vpn server, to include port-based Qos managment for my 1st vonage router; attached to it is my 1st vonage router (previously mentioned) which has another vonager router daisychained to it. Both routers have two separate phone numbers that ring at the same time, which means my wife and I can both be on our vonage lines and not interfere with one another (as I surf the internet at the same time of course) :)

  9. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    OK since were having fun here, currently, since it changes quite often as my testing changes. Have a wrv200 as a gateway and testing vpn functionality (port forwarding every which way), to a cisco 800 series port forwarded to a wrtsl54gs that runs ftp and nas, and a motorolla phone adapter for vonage. The Vonage and home lan are triple nat'ed and also back at the gateway hanging off the wrv200 a netgear into an enclave that i use to give folks that i dont know access for testing purposes. As soon as i learn ScreenOS well enough (been working with it for a week now) a netscreen 5xt will end up somewhere in the mix.

    Seriously though, Doc if your up to getting me a copy of your pix config (specifically the vpn settings) I would appreciate it. Thats one thats still in the box that i should pull out as well.

    I cant wait to hear what else is out there.
  10. Riotblade

    Riotblade Network Guru Member

    Okay so I have an old BEFW11S4 I want my WRT54G to connect to. I tried following your steps but I got stuck at the static ip part. It asks for WAN Ip, DNS IP etc. What do I put there? Also, since the BEFW11S4 is fairly old, is it still possible?

  11. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Are you trying to wirelessly connect or wired connect the two together?
  12. Riotblade

    Riotblade Network Guru Member

    Wired connect. I have a cross-over connected to one of WRT54G ports and BEF WAN port.

    I believe that's correct.
  13. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    To start off you shouldnt need a crossover, in the old days yes you would to connect that way but devices now adays are smart enough to figure it out on their own, but no big deal either way it will work. The big question is do you mind a double nat'ed network or not? If you dont mind the double nat, leave dhcp turned on on both devices, plug a cable from the switch port on the wrt to the bef wan port and it will work. If you dont want a double nat network and want to keep all ip's the same. Connect your crossover or straight cable from the wrt switch port to a switch port on the BEF (any port other then the wan). But and this is a big but.. make sure dhcp is shut off on the BEF router. Either way will work.
  14. Riotblade

    Riotblade Network Guru Member

    Okay, I connected Port 4 of WRT54G to the uplink port (Port 4) on the BEF. I disabled DHCP. When connected to the BEF, I can access the WRT54 CP and BEF CP. I also have internet access. This is what I wanted except for the fact that there are two networks. Is it possible to have 2 of them share the same network name and boost the network signal at the same time?

  15. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Sure, I can shoot you a basic script I use. I'm no god (yet) but "THE MAN" in the forum for CISCO devices is indisputedly eric_stewart; he's an instructor :)

  16. flash122089

    flash122089 Guest

    i need help plz

    hi i need help to connect more then one linksys how dose that work i tryed everthing but i dont work can u plz tell or send me a video or pics how to do it plz and thanxs
  17. bamboojackjack

    bamboojackjack Networkin' Nut Member

    hello suresh can you let me know how can i connect my old BEFW11W4 to my new WRT120N. I want to put the old BEFW11S4 on our dining using cable ethernet.
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