Connecting routers together

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by superflysocal, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. superflysocal

    superflysocal Network Guru Member

    Please help a newbie with this situation:

    I have a WRT54GS v1 router with alchemy software. I would like to connect another router (in a different room) via ethernet to this router and not only use it as a wireless extender but also use the 4 port switch of the 2nd router to extend the network..

    What is this called? Is this WDS, client bridge mode, or neither? Would the 2nd router need to be a linksys as well, or a wds compatible router? (I have a Netgear WRG634U)

    How would the wire setup be? Do I go from the 4 port ethernet output of the "main" router to the WAN of the 2nd router? Should I disable DCHP on one of the routers? Does the ip of the main router become the gateway of the 2nd router? CanI use different SSID for each router so I will know which router I am connecting to?
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