Connecting the Modem to WRT54G

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by twinhead, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. twinhead

    twinhead LI Guru Member

    Hello All, i'm new to WRTG54 as to this great community as well.
    I've browsed a few topics to see if i could get an answer for my question, but i couldn't find it (sorry if this would be a repost).

    I'd like to ask for you guys, what I'm doing wrong.
    I'll give first a few details of my network:

    Router: WRTG54
    Firmware: v1.00.6
    Modem: Speedstream 5660 (Efficient Networks)
    Internet Connection: ADSL

    Now i'll try to explain what's going on.

    I have my modem on "router" mode (it's because today, our network runs with the MODEM + SWITCH). When i bought the WRTG54, i first noticed that i would have to change the MODEM into BRIDGE mode, so the WRT54G would make the connection/authentication with my ISP, and than, distribute the internet conection with all other clients.

    Here's the deal...
    I can't make it to work... actually i can't even check the modems configuration thru my Firefox Browser, but this only happens when i plug the MODEM into the INTERNET PORT of WRT54G

    Now you might wonder, how am i accessing the internet and posting a "noobie" question here at Linksysinfo?

    Ok, if i set the MODEM back to ROUTER MODE, and than, plug the modem into any other ports (1 - 4), i can actually access the MODEM configuration page, and i can access the internet.

    This is really anonying, because things aren't 100%, i guess, where it's written INTERNET (at the back of WRT54G) it should go the MODEM, but i can't access it...

    I'll try to make it clear, if someone doesn't understand what i'm trying to explain (Sorry, my english is not that good):


    MODEM connected on the INTERNET PORT of the WRT54G: Doesn't work, can't have access to the modem configuration thru browser, can't even PING the modem.

    MODEM connectec on any other slots (1 - 4) of the WRT54G: It works perfectly, I can ping the modem, setup the modem and access the internet if i keep the modem under ROUTER mode.


    I've tried to connect the modem into the INTERNET slot with Cross-Over cable, with Straight cable, and nothing... but the LIGHT INDICATOR of the INTERNET in the front panel of the WRT54G is lighten up... (?),

    Please, any kind of advice wich could help me solve this problem, will be more than appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    are they using the same IP address perhaps?
  3. twinhead

    twinhead LI Guru Member

    Hi Toxic, thanks for replying.

    Yes, indeed, the modem is running under:

    And the WRT54G is running under:

    PS: I've changed the default ip settings, to match my actual network settings, because it would be easier to set up only the WRT54G than setting up 8 machines.


    As I've said, if the modem (Speedstream 5660) is configured on ROUTER mode, and I connect it to the WRT54G on any Slot (1 - 4), but it doesn't works, when "plugged" into the INTERNET slot... even if i change the modem to BRIDGE mode.

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. twinhead

    twinhead LI Guru Member


    Well, nevermind, problem solved.
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