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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by JodyMac12, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Hello all -

    after spending several hours over the past week with linksys tech support, I think i have given up on them. i have a small network at my office: 5 pcs + 1 laptop all running windows xp pro. i have a bellsouth dsl connection that uses a netopia modem / router, which then goes into my linksys router, then to a linksys 8-port hub, then to the computers.

    it used to be set up so that i could connect to my work computer from home via remote desktop connection. alas, something happened to the settings, and now we can't seem to get it set back the way it was. the setup was such that from home i would type in the static ip address that bellsouth assigned me in the 'computer' field of remote desktop, and i would connect every time. i'm pretty sure that in this arrangement, the netopia router was set up in 'bridge' mode, with the linksys router controlling the wan and the lan. we had the computer that i connected to setup with an ip address that we assigned (something like, and the other computers set up to obtain their ip addresses automatically. it should be noted that when this worked properly, i was using a befsr11. during this tech support nightmare of the past week or so, i was told that that unit had a problem, so i purchased the befsr41.

    presently, we have all the computers in the network obtaining their ip's automatically, the netopia is in bridge mode, and the conection type on the befsr41 is PPPoE, using my bellsouth user name & id. although i know this is not the way it was set up before, i can't seem to get that point across to tech support. right now, we are trying this approach: we have set up a port on the linksys (8080), and supposedly, i should be able to connect to the office by typing in the ip address from bellsouth then :8080 (ie in remote desktop. when i do this, it says i have a protocol error (code 0x1104). what's interesting, though, is if i type the same thing in the address bar of explorer at my home computer, it connects me to the setup page of the linksys router at work. so it seems like i'm close, but not quite there yet.

    the last time i talked to linksys, they told me that if i set my computer at home up as having a static ip, then this latest method would work. i don't want to change anything at home (i'd have to reconfigure my wireless router there) unless i really think it will help - can anyone assist me? many thinks in advance!
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