Connecting two WRT54G routers together

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Esquire, May 22, 2004.

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    dead link
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    this link is dead :(
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    Attach the router by one of its LAN ports, you want to use as a hub through an Ethernet cable to a wired NIC of the computer you are using to configure the router. Do not have any other connection to the other router at this time. The default local IP Address of the router should Start your bowser and type this address in. You should connect to the router and be prompted for the default password of admin. If you do not connect to the router, manually configure the IP Address of the wired NIC to 192.168.1.X where X has a value from 3 to 255. Set the gateway address to with a subnet mask of After you connect to the you should have the setup screen. You are going to do two things, change the local address of the router to and disable the DHCP server on this router. You should save your setting. You will be disconnected from the setup screen at this point after the router saves its setting. The router will reboot. You should enter the new IP Address of the router and be prompted for the password again, which you will enter. You should get the setup screen again. Click the wireless menu selection. Change the SSID from the default value of LINKsys to a meaningful value to you. If you are not going to connect any 802.11B devices change the setting of the Wireless Network mode to G only and save your setting. You should enable some form of encryption ans ave your setting on the wireless security. On the security menu cahnge the password of the router to someother than admin and save your setting. You will lose your connection. Type in in your browser and you should be prompted for a password. Enter yout new passwoed and you should bd connected to the setup screen again. If you have forgotten your password , you will have to do a hard reset of the router, by pressing in the rest button of the router for at least thrity seconds any you will have to re-enter your setting. Now that you are on the setup screen, select advance routing and change the setting from gateway to router and save your setting. Disconnect the roiuter and power it down. Hopefiul you set up the router you are going to use as your gateway before. Power up the router you are using as the gateway and using a standard Ethernet cable connect from port four of the gateway to port one of the router you are going to use as a hub. Power up the router you are going to use as a hub. You should be able to access it by tyoing in the IP Address of Do not forget to reset the wired NIC. You can have the same SSID for both routers. The default channel is 6 so the router you are going to use as a hub, should be on channel 1 or 11. You should not both routers to the same channel, since if they are close enough together they will interfere with each other, You should be able to roam from one router to the other.
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    The URL was dead because Linksys moved it when they reorganized their website. The URL has been updated to its new location.
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    Link is dead... again.
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    Dead link !
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    answer for mstombs

    if the another router is ready yuo put the MAC ADDRESS conversely
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