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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by InfernoViper, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. InfernoViper

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    What is the easiest way to connect two routers? Currently i'm running a CAT5 cable between them. On the first router we have two computers, an xbox, and our server. On the second our suite mates have two computers and an xbox. Should we just hook up a switch or hub to one of them for more ports or move one of the computers to the other router?
  2. rackunit

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    Hi ,


    Im new here, but I would probly say that the cat5 your using is the easiest way to connect them( just make sure that DHCP is only running on one of the APs). If you want to connect the 2 AP's wirelessly I would suggest you do a bit of searching on WDS, it is very easy to setup and provides seamless access between your AP's. You can also create more ports by connecting a cat5 from one of your LAN ports on one of your WRT54G to a port on a little 8 port hub or something (they are dirt cheap these days)

    Good reference:

    and for further understanding (Thanks 4Access)

    In having said that what is your actual setup how many of the pc's have a wireless adaptor, are they in different part of the house.
    So -on , i think the more detail you provide - the easier it is for the experts round here to help.

  3. Disman_ca

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    I have 2 WRT54GS routers connected using cat5 (dhcp enabled only on main router). I also have a netgear hub plugged in to give me another 6 ports. I have used WDS to see how well it performs which is very good. I use cat5 because I can (whole house is wired) you can't beat copper :)
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