Connecting two WRT54GL's using WDS and WPA

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by umop-3p|sdn, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. umop-3p|sdn

    umop-3p|sdn LI Guru Member

    Hi everyone.... long time reader, first time poster.

    I'm trying to setup two WRT54GL's to talk to eachother through WDS.

    I've attached a diagram of what I am trying to do. Basically, I have computers in one room, and an ADSL modem in the next room. I am unable to run cables through the house, so I want the computers in the study to be able to use the ADSL connection. I'm not really concerned with being able to have other wireless clients connect to the network, but if it would be good if possible.


    What I have done so far is:
    - Installed dd-wrt v23 firmware on both routers
    - Enabled WDS on both (and put the right MAC addresses in each)
    - Have both routers running in AP mode
    - Given both routers the same SSID

    Now, if I turn on WEP encryption, I can get my client PC's to communicate successfully with both routers (as long as the SSID broadcast is enabled on both routers). However, as soon as I turn on WPA-PSK, I am unable to access the remote router from the client PC's.

    The remote router has all of the PPPoE settings configured, and the router connected to my PC's has the connection settings disabled, but I have put the remote router's IP address as the gateway IP for it.

    If I go to the Status > Wireless tabs, I can see the other router from both of them, and it has good signal strength. So it looks like they can see eachother, but I am still unable to get traffic to flow between them whenever I have WPA turned on.

    Is there anything which I have overlooked in my setup?

    I know I could just run WEP, and it would probably be fine (There are 3 unsecured wireless networks I can access from my house, so hopefully anyone would rather get into those networks rather than mine) but I would feel much better if I could get WPA working instead.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    I do what you are doing with WPA-PSK and AES encryption, and WDS set to LAN (so I have wireless clients roaming), so I can't say what's up with your system. My routers run Thibor on the one and dd-wrt on the other, but I doubt that that makes a difference.

    Some things to try maybe:
    1) Power cycle both routers - not soft reboot - after having set WPA-PSK/AES. Do them together, if it doesn't help, cycle the one, and the other maybe 5 min. or so later.
    2) Reset both routers to default, and re-setup them directly to WPA-PSK/AES. There may be some "hidden" setting somewhere which will hopefully get reset this way.
    3) Upgrade to one of the newer dd-wrt nightly builds.
    4) Get a shotgun and tell the routers what will happen if they don't connect;-) Naah, I'm just fresh out of other ideas.
  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

  4. umop-3p|sdn

    umop-3p|sdn LI Guru Member

    Thanks for your advice HennieM
    I managed to get it working using a newer version of the dd-wrt firmware. I upgraded the firmware, and then I was able to run WPA and WDS (I was also able to turn off the SSID broadcast, which previously stopped the traffic flow).

    I just read in a few places that WPA wasn't compatible with WDS, but some places were saying it was (including the routers help file).

    So all is well now :)
  5. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

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