Connecting WRT54GS to an ADSL router with port forwarding

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Demon, Mar 8, 2005.

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    OK - so I'm computer savvy but not particularly network savvy and I'm looking for the best way to solve this problem...

    I have:
    1) ADSL connection running into a Zoom X5 ADSL router
    2) WRT54GS (version 1.0 I think - serial CGN1)
    3) Laptop with wireless access

    I want to set up port forwarding in order to get a low ID on emule.

    I have several questions for all you gurus:

    Q) What exactly is the difference between the internet connection on the back of the wrt54gs and a normal ethernet port?

    Q) These are possible solutions I have come up with. Which one is actually best...?

    --> Run both routers as routers. Leave DHCP on on both boxes. Connect X5 to ethernet port on WRT (believe this is correct but not sure why). Both set up as seperate networks. Port forward on X5 to IP of WRT (but not sure how to set up external IP address of WRT). Port forward on WRT to laptop.

    --> Run WRT as a switch by turning off DHCP and setting IP address to same network as X5. Connect via regular ethernet again. Sounds OK but I have an IP address issue on my laptop (which I use on 2 networks) - see next Q.

    --> Run X5 as a switch... Ummm will this work? Do I just do the same thing, i.e. turn off DHCP and make sure both boxes are on same net? I tried it and wasn't getting internet access through the WRT.

    --> Another solution I have missed - possibly using the Internet port on the WRT (which I don't understand) or maybe even the Router settingon the Advanced Routing page???

    Q) IP address issue - I use my laptop wireless on another network which uses DHCP. If I am to use port forwarding, obvioulsy I need a static IP address at home. So I need a way to accomplish both - preferably automatically. Possible solutions I have come up with are:

    --> Plug and Browse from - but don't want to spend money.

    --> Windows XP alternate IP setting - but then can't use DHCP at home at all

    --> A reserved MAC specific IP address on the WRT. Sounds great, but rules out using the WRT as a switch. It also means I need to change my firmware - I'm thinking of the Satori 4.0 firmware. Is this good to go on a version 1.0 WRT? What about the Alchemy or DD-WRT firmware?

    Questions questions! If you've read this far and can help in any way then thank you!!

    All the best,

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