Connecting WRT54GS to AOL (UK)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jim0203, Dec 9, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm trying to to do the above for a student of mine: I teach people with disabilities how to use computers. Her ADSL modem is a BT Voyager 190, and I have no idea how to get the Linksys to "see" the modem and the internet connection. All lights are on OK on the modem and, so it seems, the router.

    Does anyone know where I can find a straightforward tutorial to help me set this up? I'd really appreciate an answer ASAP as I am with the student at the moment and would like to get this thing running!!


  2. mstombs

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    Sorry I am not able to help with your specific problem but will be doing something similar soon so have been researching the possibilities.

    The usual recommended method of adding a router to an ADSL connection is to replace the modem with an ADSL router which includes both the ADSL modem and the routing functions in one device.

    With an Ethernet ADSL modem it may be possible to put the modem into 'bridge' mode and enter the PPPOE authorisation parameters into the router. PPPOE does seem to work with connections routed over BT switches but the usual specified protocol in UK is PPPOA. If PPPOA is mandatory (which it seems to be for TALKTALK who now own the UK AOL ISP) then the authorisation details must be entered into the modem and it then placed in a modem only/gateway mode without any conflicting routing functions with the router. This seems to require a special version of firmware for the Linksys ADSL2MUE modem - there are instructions in the forums on this site.

    AOL's managed internet service adds an extra layer of complexity, it may also be necessary to tweak the TCP/IP settings, lowering MTU to 1400. AOL do now offer supported wireless ADSL routers and there are instructions on the net for how to set up your own - hope the above helps to explain why you haven't found it easy!
  3. grcore

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    I believe the BT unit is a router also, so disable the internet connection type and dhcp in your WRT and connect it to one of the lan ports.

    assign the wrt an ip within the range specified in the BT router subnet and you should be good to go.

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