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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NapAiM, Feb 21, 2006.

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    okay, this connection (WMP54G i thnk) to the router (WRT54G v3.1)

    it absolutelly SUCKS
    it used to be okay in terms of stability now it absolutelly SUCKS, it seems if i EVER run more than one program it just dies, it dies at random, then it just takes a minute til it reconnects, it does this every 5 minutes in some cases in others i can leave it on at school and come home and it hasnt disconnected once... wtf? lol

    ANY game [my favorute hobby ^^] [​IMG] uhh yah w/e it does that on EVERY server, kicks me off, owned.

    also BF2, Freelancer, Guild Wars, none work > 10 min

    Java and Flash programs appear to affect it for some reason, as does MSN (though i leave MSN and IRC running all day and i get not one disconnect then within half an hour its disconnected again)

    I remember it being slightly more stable before i upgraded to 4.20.7 (c?)

    I wish to downgrade firmware or someone pointed to 4.20.8, if i could actually get a WORKING link pease, or some 3rd party software,

    I have changed the MTU to 1200 as well (Linksys said 1400, that was useless)

    I will continue posting until it is fixed,

    Thank you greatly.
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