Connection WAG54G problem ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by W-Largo, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. W-Largo

    W-Largo Network Guru Member

    Hello everybody,

    I have a WAG54G, but I can only have a connection a 10.00 Mbit and not 100.00 Mbit. If someone know how this can be resolved. :cry:


  2. TMAC

    TMAC Network Guru Member

    check on the ethernet adapter of your computer... set it to 100 full instead of auto... try if still the same...
  3. W-Largo

    W-Largo Network Guru Member


    I've allready try this, and I do not have any connection with this option !

    Thanks :(
  4. TMAC

    TMAC Network Guru Member

    what is the operating sysytem of your pc? you will find this option on the advanced features of your ethernet adapter
  5. W-Largo

    W-Largo Network Guru Member


    I've Windows XP, but I know where this option his, but when I put 100 full duplex, the computer say that the cable is not connected so I think this come from the linksys WAG54G :roll:

    If someone has an idee :wink:

    Thanks :eek:
  6. ReDFlaG

    ReDFlaG Network Guru Member

    before saying that's the linksys router that is not working, you should try with another NIC card, just in case that it's that device that is faulty :wink:
  7. alecom

    alecom Guest

    did you try another cable?
    with that cable youre able to connect at 100 other devices?
  8. W-Largo

    W-Largo Network Guru Member

    I've try of course with other cable. In fact, I'm using a new cat6 cable, I have a switch 1 Gbit and it's work perfectly at 1 Gbit with this switch, but when I'm connecting to my linksys, I'm only at 10 Mbit. Is there any option in the linksys firmware ? I didn't found it.

    Thanks. :?
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