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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by pelusitavali, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. pelusitavali

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    hi people, well i'm trying to attach an external antenna to my wmp55ag, so i will buy hga7s, but my wireless card don't have an external connector, so any body could tell me what is the dimension (diameter) of the hga7s connector?? i know it is an rpsma, any body knows if its male or female?? i want to buy the right connector and solder it to my card, but i need to know the connector's diameter of hga7s. any body could help?? thanks
  2. jknox

    jknox Network Guru Member

    If you are still interested, carefully, remove the metal box on your adapter. I used metal snips. when the metal box is removed, you will see were the wire ends. It uses U.FL. I have an U.FL to N-Female connector installed on both my cards. An N-Female connector is too large to drill a hole for on the back of my WMP55AG, so I drilled a hole on the side of my case and installed the N-Female part there. Keep in mind that you will need to provide strain relief for the wire.

    You can get them in whatever connector you need. Search Google for U.FL to XXX

    EBay has a few too.
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