Constant connection drops from B router and G card

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Kragg, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Kragg

    Kragg Guest


    I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem because I'm baffled and Linksys tech support is no help.

    I am running a Linksys Wireless B router (BEFW11s4 v 4.0)

    A Win box, XP Pro SP2, with a Wireless G card in it (WMP54G)
    and an iMac G5 with an airport Extreme card.

    All the latest firmware and drivers.

    OK, so.

    Both systems connect and work properly on wireless. Except I'm getting consistent yet random dropped connections from the PC (only wireless, ethernet cable is perfect). Yet it still says I have an EXCELLENT connection. I'll be going along browsing, playing WoW, or whatever, and in the system tray it will say "you are now connected to your (my network name) signal strength excellent" this is after it is already connected. This is the death knell as nothing will work after that. The solution is to view my wireless networks, disconnect, cilck reconnect, and BAM, working again like a charm. meanwhile, across the room the iMac has never lost connection and continues to run perfectly.

    The only issue the mac has is that 30 delay picking up the DNS after coming back from standby (but this is a known issue).

    So I've tried no security on the router, WEP (can't even pick up the thing) and WPA. They all do the same thing. I've tried all 11 channels and continue to have the problem.
    I haven't been able to adjust uPNP or the MTU yet, but I'm not sure I need to.

    The Mac working leads me to think it's an XP problem?

    Any input on this would be great because I just got this PC and it's driving me nuts having to dis/reconnect every 15-45 minutes.

  2. TMAC

    TMAC Network Guru Member

    try changing the channel on the router... if still the same try relocating the router to a different location... Also you may try to consider enabling the wireless security on your wireless network
  3. sea_prompt

    sea_prompt Guest

    The previous responder did not read your posting properly...

    I am having the same problem with a similar setup. I have WPA enabled, using Channel 11.

    One wireless machine running Windows XP and Centrino processor, the other wired.

    The wireless machine has lost connectivity to the WAP at least 8 times since this morning. Previously it was connected to a NETGEAR WAP with no security set up and it did not lose connection.

    The wired machine does not appear to be having any problems.

    Firmware is v2.04.4 (I think - not at the location right now).

    Any suggestions? I haven't tried changing channels yet, and company policy dictates that WPA is used and SSID broadcast is turned off.

  4. rjones

    rjones LI Guru Member

    BEFW11S4 Disconnect Firmware

    I have tried all the answers in all the threads and the only thing that will keep the

    BEFW11S4 from disconnecting is to revert back to firmware version 1.50.14.

    It is not published but you can get the older firmware from linksys at:

    Also download the installer at:

    Run the installer and point it to the downloaded .bin and your troubles will be over.

    No more disconnects, especially when downloading video. Thank you Linksys for not having the

    older firmware available where anyone can find it. Thank you Tech Support for not making

    this fix common knowledge. Admit it, version 1.50.20 is the cause of the disconnects.
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