Control/Limit wireless connection priority?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by shard_2k, Sep 9, 2004.

  1. shard_2k

    shard_2k Network Guru Member

    Hi guys

    Having purchased and ran the WAG54G for a couple of weeks now, I can safely say that things are fairly stable.

    Although recently, I've noticed that the Router prefers, a wireless connection over a wired connection pretty much all of the time.

    I share the ADSL connection with my room mate who maintains a wireless connection via an Intel brand Wireless PCI card in his laptop, whereas my desktop uses a direct ethernet connection to the router. Often times, I find that when we are both online at the same time, pretty much 90% of internet speed goes to him. I say this largely because, I can see the Internet + WAN light going pretty franticly, while my internet speed when trying to open a page starts at 0B/s and goes up to 800B/s (we use 256kb/s, which is about 32KB/s max).

    I've spoken to him regarding this, and its obvious that he can't do anything about it (short of not using the internet :lol: ). And so we've come here seeking the expert opinion of a follow forum goer ^^

    I've heard of a non-linksys firmware for the WRT54G which allows for the control of client priority or other more advanced management features (probably one of the Sveasoft ones... I can't be sure). Is there such a thing for the WAG54G or could someone please suggest something that could be done so that we could at least get equal share of the internet speed (if it's a wireless vs wired thing, then I suppose the solution is for me to go wireless also. But I'm trying to avoid that if possible, money is a bit tight :p).

    The linksys firmware that I currently use is: v1.02.1

    Thanks in advance for the help guys
  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    Whether the PC's are wired or not shouldn't make any differnce, what's running on the PC's does though. Does he use any kind of P2P program such as Kazza, Bittorent, etc or does he play games online?
  3. shard_2k

    shard_2k Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply TazUk.

    No he isn't using any p2p as far as I'm aware. When I did the test comparison, all I did was to open up a webpage page that had a lot of content (size wise)on his laptop, then continuously opened several windows using links on that main page (so that they would attempt connection all at the same time - which is most of us would do anyways I think).

    So effectively, we are talking about basic functionality such as surfing the net... And somehow, his connection to the router gets higher priority than mine does in that when I attempt to open pages while his were loading, I get no share of the bandwidth at all...
  4. shard_2k

    shard_2k Network Guru Member

    I've just discovered that my room mate has been using the internet for chatting (not the txting kind, but the kind with speaker phone).

    I suppose this new found information does explain why his usage has been so intensive. But I would still like to find out how to have my surfing priority equal the voice transfer that he uses if at all possible.

    Thanks all.
  5. orange

    orange Network Guru Member

    If your flatmate and yourself want you can both run software on your computers to 'shape' the connection back, personally I would recommend but it costs money ~$50 US I think but it is a really good program which allows you to limit bandwidth on your network via rules, you might want to give the trial a go and see how you like it.

    Otherwise is also great.
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