Convert Linksys Wired Router to proxy

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 1, 2005.

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    We are looking for a "proxy appliance". This would be a device that multiple workstations use to access the Internet, but do so on a "Proxy Port". Can a linksys router be modified to allow proxy access? It would seem a relatively simple procedure...redirecting packets to different ports....It seems that a standard "NAT ROUTER" does the opposite...takes various ports, and redirects them to a single port.

    Also, are there published schematics for these routers? As I understand the WRT54G has a ARM processor...can that be used as a Linux server? had anyone done that?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advanced..
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Other Product

    Try Artera Turbo Business Product, I think it does what you want
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