Correct FW for WRT54GL to work with...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Clemaq, May 14, 2007.

  1. Clemaq

    Clemaq LI Guru Member

    A need to convert a wrt54GL v1.1 to a Repiter/WDS for a Linksys WRT54GR !
    My home have much walls and its big to coverage by wrt54GR! The signal is very good in last room, but the links down everytime. Its start at 54MB and down to 2MB and lost. After 2 seconds, its up to 54MB. The problem is the range ! I Think to buy the WRE54G (wifi Range Expander), but I have a new wrt54GL here and with 3rd party FW, its works the same form and is more cheap!
    To make it, i Think to put DD-WRT, but I read about doesn´t work very well with wrt54GL V1.1 !

    I try to do this using a GI-LINK W2204 AP Router (a realtek Chipset) with original FW, thats apply WDS, but doesn´t work with wrt54gr !
  2. Slimey

    Slimey Network Guru Member

    DD-WRT should work fine
  3. Clemaq

    Clemaq LI Guru Member

    Ok... I put the DD-wrt V23 SP2 (generic) into my WRT54GL v.1.1 !
    After upgrade, i try a simple test - put the wrt into AP Client/ Client Brigde, for a old AP thats I use here - a HawkingTech WA300. This AP use WEP 128bits. The DHCP is off and IP is give by ADSL modem ( Zyxel Prestige 645).
    The WRT in Bridge doesn´t connect to my AP. I enter the same WEP Key into WIFI Security. I put the wrt into Client and Client Bridge and in Status> Wireless> site survey, the AP MAC shows and signal is strong !
    I don´t know that is wrong here !
    I try again tomorrow
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