Correct sequence for loading HyperWRT 2.0

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by jrandazz57, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. jrandazz57

    jrandazz57 Guest

    I'm using a WRT54G / hdwr ver 1.1 which was running the latest firmware 4.20.7 from Linksys.

    Is the right process for changing over to HyperWRT 2.0:

    1) Upload the HyperWRT firmware (overlay exisiting 4.20.7 firmware)
    2) do a HARD reset (hold the reset button in for 30 secs.) on the router.

    All input is welcome..Thanks JR
  2. bcat

    bcat Network Guru Member

    Well, the builds on the HyperWRT home page are quite old by now. Since you have a WRT54G, you want one of tofu's builds. You can get the latest one from his site.

    To upgrade with minimal chance of failure:

    * Make sure you're uploading from a wired computer, not over a wireless connection.
    * Upload the firmware bin from tofu over the Linksys firmware.
    * Do not do anything with the router or client during the upload.
    * After the upload, go to the Administration > Factory Defaults page.
    * Check "Clear NVRAM" and click "Restore Factory Defaults". This will wipe out your settings! Make sure to save or write anything important, like your WEP key, beforehand.
    * Re-enter your settings. Don't use the backup/restore settings form on the Config Management page.
    * Enjoy your HyperWRT-flashed router!

    (You don't usually have to erase and retype your settings to go to a new version of your existing firmware, but you should whenever you change firmwares, like from Linksys to HyperWRT.)
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