Correct settings for bittorrent to prevent reboots

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by wootwoot, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. wootwoot

    wootwoot Network Guru Member

    I am using dd-wrt v22 and I find that when I run bittorrent I get random reboots. I have tried to limit the number of global connections in azureus, I have gradually gone down from 50 to 30. I still get reboots though, what can I do to prevent this, thx.
  2. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    While some bittorrent clients are better than others there is one thing you can do in DD-WRT to help prevent it.

    The most common reason for a reboot is the router running out of memory. This often happens when it trys to track too many connections at once.

    Administration-->Managment-->IP Filter Settings

    Try setting the TCP and UDP Timeout to 120, this will prevent the router from remembering connections for too long.

    GS routers up from versions 1 to 3 have more ram than the G routers which also helps with this issue.
  3. vincentfox

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  4. wootwoot

    wootwoot Network Guru Member

  5. wootwoot

    wootwoot Network Guru Member

    After leaving things going overnight 90 does not seem to fix everything. I bumped it down to 60 for now. How low can I go on this without messing up anything else networking related? Also would it help to free up some ram by disabling services that I am not using?
  6. Kot_Behemot

    Kot_Behemot Network Guru Member

    I think that 60 is propably quite low. I think it can mess up some of comunication. I would rather go for turning off some of services.
    It is weird that so low number of connections is causing reboots- I use have set 1024 connections on router and 500 on Bit comet and it still works flawlessly.
    If I were you I would try to turn off unnecessary services and maybe try if #23 solves the problem.
  7. wootwoot

    wootwoot Network Guru Member

    Yea this was never a problem when I was hardwired in but now that I am on wireless only it has become a problem. With my housing situation I have no choice but to use wifi only. :(
  8. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    Forgot that I also have Maximum Ports set to 4096. You should only use this setting if you already have set your timouts to 120 and you have a version 1 to 3 GS router as they have enough ram to handle it.

    I am running DD-WRT version 23.
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