Creating a password so neighbors can't use

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by willstein, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. willstein

    willstein Network Guru Member

    I have a wireless linksys router setup in my home.

    How can I create a password on the router so only users who know the password can get in?
  2. nani

    nani Network Guru Member

    go to this web site,u can get the procedure with the screen shots.

    then type your search as "how to setup wireless security".

    u'll get an artical just follow it. your issue will be resolved. :)
  3. willstein

    willstein Network Guru Member

    yeah, that works - but in my situation people come and go in this house, and I won't always be around.

    Is there any other way to simply prompt a password?
    (or of comporable scenario)
  4. Trollkarlen

    Trollkarlen Network Guru Member

    Hi Willstein,

    I'm not sure if I fully understand what you want to accomplish. If you disable the SSID broadcast only people who know your SSID (network name) can connect to your router. Combine that with WPA pre-shared key and they must also enter a key (password) that you have defined. This only helps if you want to allow certain computers though as you normally only set these settings once on each computer.

    To block/allow users you could perhaps create separate accounts on the computer(s)?
  5. willstein

    willstein Network Guru Member

    Hmm, I must not understand cleary enough.

    As I understood from the article, if you setup that security, with the MAC ID, then whenever a new computer comes, you have to add that MAC ID to the "allowed users list"

    Is there a way just to allow all users as they come and go if they know the network password?

    (Each week we have new people staying, then leaving in this house. It's sort of a homestay program for foreign missionaries)

    I hope I make sense. :thumb:
  6. redpanther

    redpanther Network Guru Member

    On your WRT wireless security enable WEP, enter a passphrase then click the generate button.
    Write down the generated key and keep it safe somewhere.
    Simply provide your guests with your SSID and WEP key info.
    This will keep most undesired people out unless your neighbors are hackers.
  7. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    Using a MAC blocklist for security reasons is rather pointless. Because even someone who's MAC address is not on the list of allowed MACs can join the wireless network easily. It's called MAC spoofing and can be done in a few seconds. Some wardriving tools even do it automatically.

    So with a MAC blocklist your network is not more secure than without it.

    If you are running a wireless network with a constantly changing userbase, the recommended way to handle authentication is using a radius server. If you do a search here in the forum for radius, you'll find plenty of posts about this topic. Some firmware flavours even have special support for running a hotspot or radius athentication (Tinypeap, DD-WRT, Talisman)
  8. willstein

    willstein Network Guru Member

    Ok, I'll try that tonight and I'll let you know how it goes.
    PS "On your WRT wireless security enable WEP"
    Wish me luck with that one. :eek: ...but I should be able to figure it out eventually.
  9. willstein

    willstein Network Guru Member

    I went to post a reply, and I got a notice that said I have no internet.
    Checked connections I was disconnected.

    Good sign :cheer:

    Went to reconnect. Asked for password.

    Better sign :clap:

    Typed in random string of characters, it worked.

    Miracle :cheering:

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