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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by 90Ninety, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. 90Ninety

    90Ninety New Member Member

    I am creating a 'lab network' which is on a different range ( 10.10.3.X/24 ) , to do this I connected up Tomato ( Asus RT-N16 tomato 1.28 by shibby) to our main network , via the WAN , then I created a separate DHCP range then configured it to a VLAN and assigned to a single port on the router port ( LAN 2 )
    This works perfectly for the Lab, however , is it possible to assign one or more of the other spare ports to the WAN ?

    For example

    Regular work network 10.0.0.x ( in Wan )
    Lab network 10.0.3.x ( Lan 1 )
    Work network 10.0.0.x ( Lan 2 )

    I am short of work network ports , so would appreciate if I could basically use the spare ports, would like some pointers or guidance if possible?
  2. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Yeap. Considering you're using tomato as a LAN device WAN is just a port.
    Just head to the Advanced/VLAN page.Before you ask, for your scenario (single device) you don't need tagging just put the port in the right VLAN and you're good to go. You just need to get familiar with the matrix approach that page offers but it's not difficult really.
  3. 90Ninety

    90Ninety New Member Member

    Apologies im still a bit of a Network Rookie , the Tomato WAN settings are set to DHCP , so would receive IP address from the Next hop ( Business Router ) . So not really sure if WAN is just a port , or is being used to route traffic ( lab) to/from internet ?

    . From within Tomato basic at first I created two bridges ( two LANS , BR0 , and BR1 ) each with their own DCHP range .
    Existing Business LAN 10.10.0X/24
    Bridge 0: ~
    Bridge 1: ~

    The idea in mind was to create a matching scope for the existing WAN infrastructure , thinking that I could access devices the business LAN from from the Bridge0 while having the LAB on Bridge1

    I then created VLANS , to Assign VLANS to the Bridges .
    I selected Ports & 2 to Bridge 1 and assgined them to VLAN 1
    I selected Ports 3 & 4 and assigned them the VLAN 2

    This works on the LAB side just fine , however Bridge 1 cannot access the wider business network .

  4. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Don't use the WAN port. Under Basic->Network set the WAN type to disabled. This will bring up a box for default gateway, enter the IP address of the business LAN's gateway/router ( IE: ). Assign br0 an IP address from the existing business LAN ( outside of it's DHCP pool range, or get a DHCP reservation from the business LAN ) we'll say it's . Disable DHCP on br0 . Now lets say you're using LAN port #1 for your lab network connection, and you want ports 2 - 4 to be connected to the business LAN as normal. Under Advanced->VLAN add port #1 to VLAN3/br1 and ports 2 - 4 to VLAN1/br0 . Now clients which connect to ports 2 - 4 will receive a DHCP address from the business LAN's router/gateway and can access the network devices as normal. While port #1 will be segregated.
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