creating a wireless node\ bridge with 2 wrt54gs v4 routers?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kskibrek, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. kskibrek

    kskibrek Network Guru Member

    i just bought 2 wrt54gs v4 routers and i wanna use one of them as a forwarder \ node or as a bridge so i can get a better signal on the second floor without having a cabel between the routers. anyway this can be done?

    what firmware is best suited? i guy told me hyperwrt should work. but it turned out i had the wrong version.. v4 and not v2 :S
  2. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    Flash both routers with DD-WRT v23 25/12/05.

    Use the file via a cabled connection and the router's WEB interface. The v4 routers have a limitation with accepting .BIN files greater than 3MB in size. Flashing with the mini removes this limitation. When flashed, repeat, using the generic.standard.BIN file.

    For flashing, factory reset the router to defaults, flash the BIN and LEAVE the process going for AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES - do not touch ANYTHING!

    After the process, reboot the router and do another factory reset.

    Check this thread on Goggle groups:

    You then set up WDS on the the two routers. Router1 for me is (DHCP enabled), router 2 is (DHCP diabled).

    You'll need to enable WiFI MAC filtering and add the router WiFi MACS to each others' MAC filter list.

    Here is another link for setting up WDS (on this site):

    The WLAN throughput is halved due to WDS, but I find this no problem at all with a 1Mbps cable broadband pipe.

    I have extended coverage to the rear of my house, allowing one PS2 downstairs to on-line game by a wired connection to router2; a second PS2 on-line games through a wired connection to an ICS-enabled desktop, which then connects WiFi to router2.

    I bought the second router specifically for this purpose, and flashed with DD-WRT; I was so pleased that I donated via PayPal to the DD-WRT author(s)!
  3. kskibrek

    kskibrek Network Guru Member

    thanks for the detailed description! :) helped alot!
  4. __spc__

    __spc__ Network Guru Member

    Hop eyou got it all working ok.

    Remember, BOTH routers MUST be on the same channel for WDS to work.
  5. kskibrek

    kskibrek Network Guru Member

    yupp im working on it now. ill post progress reports and ask quewstions if it dosent work :)
  6. kskibrek

    kskibrek Network Guru Member

    it seemed to work. at least it worked. so thx :) but the routers seems a bit unstable. i lost internett whole yesterday night because of i couldent reach one router (the one that was locked down on first floor) hopeing to fix it today. think im going to turn of mac filtering. at least until the network is stable. was a bit anoying beeing unable to reach the Router with DHCP.
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