Creating one network from two routers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mhildebr, Jan 2, 2006.

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    Can someone please point me to information on setting up two routers as one network. Here's my setup. My cable modem is connected to the Vonage Linksys Router (RT31P2) that is then connected to the Linksys WRT54GS. I have a new computers but all four connections are taken on the WRT54GS and they are assigned addresses in the block. There are two open connections on the RT31P2 router but they are assigned addresses in the block. When I connect the new computer to the RT31P2, it cannot see any of the network computers on the WRT54GS. How should this be configured? Thanks in advance.
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    buy a hub or a switch. It is impossible to have two routers like that talking to each other. in the best case... you can have the wrt54gs computers talk to the vonage thing but the vonage thing doesnt know to look down the line.. if you catch my drift. only upward. i think of upwards as out to the internet and downwards as deeper into a personal network. On second though. You may be able to do that by forwarding NetBios ports on the wrt54gs but that is only to one computer.. your best bet is to daisy chain with hubs or switches on the wrt54gs. That way the router can assign all of them IPs and DNS addresses on the same 192.168.1.X block. Block because i dont remeber what im trying to say. Forgive me. Hubs cost bout 10 bucks. then you need the right cable lengh. hope this helps.

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    Linking two networks

    I did this when I got my wireless router. My setup was internet to Linksys gateway, one port from gateway to router (dont use the WAN port on the router) The wireless router then had to be configured with a default gateway ip address, of the Gateway. You may also need to check firewalls to ensure they are not blocking any necessary ip address's.
    The wireless router has a statit IP address, and DHCP switched off as I use Statis addressing internally.
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