crond eats memory in freeman 1.0.4?

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by aag_linksysinfo, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. I have freeman 1.0.4 installed in my WRT54G and from time to time i can´t connect neither using telnet nor http.
    Running syslogd and after a few days running I start getting messages saying that the system is running out of memory and closes certain processes. As memory is running out the system kills processes.

    After watching the system for a few days and removing some processes I´ve found out that having crond running (even with crontab file empty) the "init" process increases memory usage. After rebooting, "init" uses 7% and after a few days it gets to "20%". There is a point at which the system needs more memory as closes certain processes (http, telned,...)

    Has anybody reported this problem before? Is there any way to sort it out.

    I've also noticed some other problems with crond. if I set a line like this in the crontab file:

    * * * * * do_my_stuff

    This line should make my program run every minute. Instead, once the first minute es reached, the prorgram keeps re-running every seccond or 2 secconds. I´ve done this on a debian machine and I works as it should, running my program every minute. Anybody has any idea why this can be happening on the linksys?

    Any suggentions are welcome.
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