Custom Firmware Possibilities or does it already do this ?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by nerys, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. nerys

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    I am going nuts. I am hoping to find a way of doing this IN ROUTER

    Ok here is what I want in a router that it already does (WRT54G)

    Remote Log in
    Port Forwarding
    See whats on the network (status local DHCP list)

    Here is what it does not appear to do that I WANT it to do.

    Ping the Internet say every 5 minutes (danged verizon at one location disconnects when the DSL is unused this means I can not log in since it technically has NO IP until someone locally uses the internet)

    NOW this is the important one.
    STATIC IP's without having to disable DHCP and without having to change anything PC SIDE.

    I really have NO IDEA how to do this and am unskilled at this but this is what my brain says MIGHT be a way to do this.

    When anything connects to the router use DHCP to assign it an IP just like it does now with ONE change. REMEMBER the MAC address and associate it with that IP (or the network name whatever) Never give out that IP to anything else again EXCEPT when that original device reconnects. Its really annoying when things boot up or down and the lease time is up and I have to log in first and RESET all my port forward ip associations.

    Suggestions on how to do this? any chance of finding someone who can modify a firmware to allow this ? maybe a custom firmware that is stable already does all this ?

    Any suggestions or assistance is greatly appreciated!

    Chris Taylor
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